Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let's get some shoes!

My sister wanted some custom done converse hi-tops done by yours truly. She loved them, which I was happy about. Here are some pictures:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Epic Fail

Last year, I did caricatures at C'est La Vie, a local Edmonds shop that my mom is a manager at, during one of their Art Walks. Last year, I raised over 100 dollars for boys and girls club doing that. My Mom invited me to do the same thing this year, and I agreed. However, the outcome was much different. After 2.5 hours of sitting there, I only got to draw one caricature. I got asked by every old person in Edmonds what school I went to, and they said what I was doing was a neat thing, but no one wanted to get drawn. They were all afraid of how I was going to draw them...

Anyways, I ended up having an okay time just sketching while sitting like an idiot in the store. I did what I like to call scribble drawings. Basically, I just scribble random lines on a page until I start to see something. As you will see in the pictures, sometimes the results are quite bizarre.