Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wrapping Things Up

I am in my final week here at PLU and I am excited to be moving to the U-District after break! I
have been finishing up stuff around here in Parkland, and unfortunately that means ending my job at Impact. I'll miss it, it has been fun. I took two projects on a couple weeks ago and here is how they turned out:

Also, the business director for Impact sent out a request to some people to make a logo for a fake medical company for her capstone project. They are going to hold a contest i
n January to pick one. This is the first logo I have done in a while, and my first ever time creating my own font! Here is my take:

And finally, I have been added to the design team at Mars Hill U-District, where I will be going to church when I move to Seattle and I have been working on some blog headers for them. Here they are:

I am also in process of some personal pieces, so those should be coming soon. I have just been busy with the stuff above and finals to do much other stuff!

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